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Message from Director

Message from Director

Sue Brantley

Humans' unprecedented impact on the Earth’s system has led scientists to define a new geological age—the Anthropocene—to acknowledge human-induced changes on land, air, water, ice and biota. To survive and flourish as a species in the face of this impact, we must learn to "earthcast" - that is, to predict how the Earth's climate and environment will change based on observations from the past and present and from our knowledge of humans.

The Earth and Environmental Systems Institute is strategically positioned to engage in earthcasting. EESI associates and affiliates are world-renowned leaders in the kind of interdisciplinary, innovative and collaborative research needed to take on the breadth of human-induced changes. The strength and diversity of their environmental sciences research promises the new knowledge, new approaches and new models that are fundamental to understanding the Earth system, how it affects people and how people affect it.

We welcome you to learn more about EESI, one of the leading earth and environmental sciences research institutes in the U.S.