Spring 2013 EarthTalks Series: Penn State Water Seminars


EarthTalk Seminars by date

Date Speaker Presentation
Jan 18 Tony Buda
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Penn State University
"Hydrologic and Water Quality Research in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed"
Jan 25 Chaopeng Shen
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Penn State University
"Integrating Water, Carbon and Nitrogen: Evaluating the Coupling Strengths and Mutual Influences Using a Process-Based Surface-Subsurface Model"

Feb 1 Seth Blumsack
Assistant Professor, Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Penn State University
"Electricity Market Participation, Ecosystem Services and Downstream Flow Regime for Hydroelectric Power Plants"

Feb 8 Chris Duffy
Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Penn State University
"The Terrestrial Water Cycle and Sustainable Services"

Feb 15 Robert Brooks
Professor, Department of Geography
Penn State University
"Mid-Atlantic Freshwater Wetlands: Using Science to Inform Policy and Practice"

Feb 23
101 Thomas Building
Sybil Seitzinger, Executive Director, International Geosphere Biosphere Program, Stockholm, Sweden
Richard Alley,
Department of Geosciences, Penn State, Jenni Evans, Department of Meteorology, Penn State, Klaus Keller, Department of Geosciences, Penn State, and others, Penn State University
Penn State Carbon Earth Conference"

March 1 Benjamin Ruddell
Assistant Professor
Arizona State University
"Ecohydrology as a Complex System: Information Theory and Network Applications to Critical Zone Observatories and Models"

March 15 Brian McGlynn
Duke University

"Moving From Field Observatories and Models"
March 22 Zach Easton
Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist
Virginia Tech

"Validating Watershed Simulation Models Using Empirical and Fundamental Knowledge of Hydrological Processes"
March 27
11:15 am
112 Forest Resources Building
David Rudolph
Professor, University of Waterloo and 2013 Darcy Lecturer of the National Ground Water Association
Reception to follow talk
"Managing Groundwater Beneath the Agricultural Landscape"
April 5 Michael Celia
Professor, Princeton University and Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
"Model Complexity and Multi-scale Models for CO2 Injection, Migration, and Leakage"
April 12 Diane McKnight
Professor, University of Colorado, and member, National Academy of Engineering
"Climate Change and Water Quality in the Rocky Mountains: Approaches for Adapting to Too Much Summer"
April 19 Alfonso Meija
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Penn State University
"Hydrological Complexity at the Edge of Cities"
April 22
4:00 p.m.
HUB-Robeson Center Auditorium
Christopher Joyce
"Scientists and Journalists: Codependents in the Age of Disappearing Media"
April 26 Reception for Penn State Water Folks
(Time and location to be announced)
Meet up with your water colleagues and celebrate the end of the semester!

Co-sponsored by the Earth & Environmental Systems Institute and Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment