Fall 2015 EarthTalks: The Next Century of Conservation


This seminar series is sponsored by the Earth and Environmental Systems Insitute and the Center for Landscape Dynamics. The series foreshadows the 2016 centennial of the National Parks Service and will inspire the audience to imagine what energy and environment conservation will look like in the next 100 years. Typical seminar format will be one 60-min talks each week.


EarthTalk Seminars by date

Date Speaker Presentation
Sept 14 Peter Fulé
Northern Arizona University
Megafires, Climate, and Future Forests
Sept 21 Jeffrey Brownson
Penn State University
Solar Ecology: Transformation of What "Doing Solar" Will Mean for the Next 100 Years (and Everyone is Invited to the Party)
Sept 28 Penn State Graduate Students: Joe Keller (Ecology), Russell Hedberg (Geography), Lacey Goldberg (Architecture), Debasish Saha, and Erynn Maynard (Ecology) Graduate Showcase: perspective from the recipients of the Center for Dynamics 2015 Grad Award - Each student will give an 8-10 minute talk about their research work.
Oct 5 No seminar  
Oct 12 Margaret Brittingham
Penn State University
Marcellus and Birds
Oct 19 Peter Newman
Penn State University
The Importance and Protection of Soundscapes in National Parks
Oct 26 Doug Boucher
Union of Concerned Scientists
The Global “Need” for Food in 2050: What the Numbers Mean
Nov 2 Craig Allen
USGS, Colorado
Managing Ecosystem Transitions in an Increasingly Dynamic Global Change World -- A Core Challenge for Conservation in the 21st Century
Nov 9 Doug and Rebecca Bird
Anthropology, Penn State
A Landscape Architecture of Fire: Pyrodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Indigenous Australia
Nov 16 No Seminar  
Nov 23 No Seminar  
Nov 30 No Seminar  
Dec 7 Terry Chapin
University of Alaska-Fairbanks
(Ecology Seminar Series)
Conservation Stewardship: Shaping Pathways of Large-scale Change in Social-ecological Systems


Organizing Committee Members:
Erica Smithwick, Jim Shortle, Alan Taylor, Dave Mortensen, Margot Kaye, Peter Newman, and Brian Orland


Co-sponsored by the Earth & Environmental Systems Institute and the Center for Landscape Dynamics