Fall 2014 EarthTalks: Exploring the Oceans


Earth Talks: Exploring the Oceans seminar series is being developed to engage the Penn State community in marine research. Marine research is a highly interdisciplinary field that spans the wide breadth of Penn State's departments, colleges, and institutes. This seminar series is sponsored by EESI and PSIEE in conjunction with the Center for Marine Science and Technology. Typical seminar format will be two 20-min talks each week, except in the cases where invited speakers from off-campus will present a 45-min presentation. The presentation slots are open to all Penn State faculty, researchers, and graduate students conducting research in the marine environment. Our hope is to schedule 2 different ocean topics within each seminar to attract those with diverse interests to listen, learn, and network. The seminar will cover topics from coastal to deep water environments, ocean technology, and ocean modelling.


EarthTalk Seminars by date

Date Speaker Presentation
Sept 22 Anthony Lyons
Penn State University
Acoustic Imaging of breaking internal waves
Sept 22 Jen Miksis-Olds and Iliana Baums
Penn State University
C-MaST overview
Sept 29 Andrew Thurber
Oregon State University
Ocean Conservation
Oct 6 John Parkinson
Penn State University
Coral Symbiosis
Oct 6 Raymond Najjar
Penn State University
Impact of nitrogen deposition on coastal waters
Oct 13 Lee Kump
Penn State University
Ocean anoxia
Oct 13 Kate Freeman
Penn State University
Biomarkers and past oceans
Oct 20 Monica Medina
Penn State University
Oct 20 Qian Li
Penn State University
The Role of Eddy Momentum Flux on Jets in the Southern Ocean
Oct 27 Justin Schulte
Penn State University
Historical Impacts of Climate Modes on the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, and Hudson River Estuaries
Oct 27 Chris Forest
Penn State University
Understanding the role of ocean heat content change in estimating climate sensitivity
Nov 3 Sara Lincoln
Penn State University
The sedimentary record of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Nov 3 Chuck Fisher
Penn State University
The deep water coral record of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Nov 10 Ying Cui
Penn State University
Ocean acidification during the end-Permian mass extinction
Nov 10 Maria Herrmann
Penn State University
Organic carbon budget of U.S. east coast estuaries
Nov 17 Todd LaJeunesse
Penn State University
Reef coral acclimatization to climate change
Nov 17 Tim White
Penn State University
Multidecadal Record of δ18O coral Variation and the Relationship to Sun Spot Cycles
Dec 1 Klaus Keller
Penn State University
Characterizing the uncertainty surrounding sea-level rise projections to inform decision making
Dec 1 Daniel Tomaso, Raymond Najjar
Penn State University
Seasonal and Interannual Variations in the Dissolved Oxygen Budget of an Urbanized Tidal River: The Upper Delaware Estuary


Organizing Committee Members:
Jenn Miksis-Olds, Ray Najjar


Co-sponsored by the Earth & Environmental Systems Institute and Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment