Faculty and Staff Resouces

Q: How will I know if my p-card expenses require a p-card support form or will be included as part of my travel expenses?

A: A good way to check is by logging into ERS and reviewing your imported expenses. These expenses will normally be included as part of a travel or meal reimbursement report and require either a travel reimbursement worksheet or a group meal/meeting form.

Q: When I register for a conference or workshop on my p-card, do I need to complete a p-card support form for this expense even though it is part of my conference expenses? Why is this not part of the travel form that I submit after completion of my trip?

A: The expenses are filtered either into the ERS System or into the IBIS Financial System, based on the merchant code of the vendor. Normally, vendors who coordinate the registrations, have a merchant code that the system filters into the IBIS system which requires a p-card support form.

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