Faculty and Staff Resources

For the last ten years now EESI has offered priority access to large high performance computing resources subsidized by various funded research efforts and run through the Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure group (formerly known as GEaRs).

Lion-xo remains available well past the orginally intended end of its operational life. This resource was primarily funded by the now defunct Center for Environmental Kinetic Analysis (CEKA).

Lion-XC is still in the prime of its operational life and should be available for several more years. This resource was funded by the Earth System Science Center and EESI.

And Lion-XF is the newest HPC cluster that was brought online in 2012. This resource was funded by David Pollard and EESI. Lion-XF will be available only to a limited number of researchers.

EESI associates who are interested in using these HPC resources may request access through John Miley.

These collaborations have been highly successful and on average we have had more computing capacity than we could consume.

For the future, individual researchers with small scale HPC needs are encouraged to contact the RCC high performance computing group directly to discuss how you can work with that group to best meet your needs: https://ics.psu.edu/about/

This contact will typically result in a meeting with the HPC group’s director who can then advise you on how to best spend your grant money. If you choose to spend your research dollars with them and become a partner you will still receive priority access to whatever cluster you buy into and you will get exceptional support.

If you have an existing relationship with us for HPC from a grant funded prior to 2009, nothing has changed for you. You may continue just as you have been until that grant is gone or you no longer require access. If you have any potential future large scale HPC needs we'd like to talk to you about how we might be able to work together and subsidize your efforts for the good of our local computing community.


Feel free to contact me to discuss any aspect of high performance computing.

John Miley  (jmiley@eesi.psu.edu)
System Administrator
Phone: (814) 863-8104
Fax: (814) 865-3191