Research Collaborators


Looking for colleagues with certain environmental specializations for a research project or proposal? One of the following search tools may help you find the persons you’re looking for.

The Institutes of Energy and Environment hosts a searchable faculty directory. Individuals may search by one of three categories: Primary Research Theme, Complete List of Themes, and Complete List of Departments.

Institutes of Energy and the Environment Faculty Expertise Database

To locate funding sources and potential collaborators, Penn State recommends that its faculty members use the Community of Science, Inc. (also known as the Community of Scholars), a global registry of academic researchers. Penn State's institutional subscription covers the use of the COS databases for all Penn State faculty, staff, and students.

Community of Science (COS) Members for Penn State

Faculty involved in EESI and PSIE are involved in the Worldwide Universities Network. For information on the WUN and to view research web pages for both Penn State faculty and potential international colleagues in several research areas, visit the following link.

Worldwide Universities Network (WUN)