The Scholar in Residence (SIR) for EMS faculty is a professional advancement grant in research or teaching for outstanding EESI Associates and Affiliates. The Departments of the recipients receive support for a semester to allow the Associate to focus on the scholarship of research or teaching and learning in the interdisciplinary environmental sciences. Depending on the available support, Scholars will reside (i.e. have office space in) in EESI during the academic year of, or the year after, a successful application.

The SIR program targets support to individuals pursuing work of strategic interest to EESI as outlined in the EESI Strategic Plan. EESI offers $10,000 to the department of the Scholar-in-Residence to release each recipient from all classroom teaching responsibilities for the semester in exchange for residence in EESI. The SIR recipient must be in residence in the Earth and Engineering Science Building during the semester. During the award period, the recipient will also serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of the Institute.

An acknowledgement of the SIR in any publications or material developed for distribution is expected (e.g. research was undertaken when the author was an EESI Scholar-in-Residence (January-July, 2010).


How to Apply

Applicants should submit a statement describing the proposed work (including the timing) and how a SIR grant would contribute to these activities, their most current curriculum vitae, a letter of support from their department head, and their most current faculty activity report. Individuals are encouraged to contact Susan L. Brantley ( to discuss their plan for use of a SIR before developing their proposal. The application for a SIR can be submitted by mail or email to Susan L. Brantley (, Director, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, 2217 EES, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802.


Fall 2009 Scholar in Residence Recipients are:

  • Dr. Eric Kirby, Associate Professor of Geosciences

  • Dr. Douglas Miller, Director of the Center for Environmental Informatics and Associate Professor Geography

  • Dr. Michael Mann, Director of the Earth System Science Center and Associate Professor of Meteorology


Previous SIR Awardeees:

  • Fall 2008 - Dr. Lee Kump, Professor Geosciences

  • Spring 2007 - Dr. Andrew Carleton, Professor of Geography

  • Fall 2006 - Dr. Jim Kasting, Professor of Geosciences