Michael Mann

Ph.D, Yale University, 1998

Contact Information:
Department of Meteorology
The Pennsylvania State University
523 Walker Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-863-4075
E-mail: mann@psu.edu
Center website: http://www.essc.psu.edu
Dept. website: http://www.met.psu.edu/people/mem45
Dept. website: http://www.geosc.psu.edu/academic-faculty/mann-michael


Reconstruction of past climate using climate paleoclimate "proxy" data, and model/data comparisons aimed at understanding the long-term behavior of the climate system and its relationship with possible external (including anthropogenic) "forcings" of climate. Other areas of active research include simulation of climate using theoretical models, development of statistical methods for climate signal detection, and investigations of the response of geophysical and ecological systems to climate variability and climate change scenario.


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