Eye on EESI Research

Dan Arthur (photo)

July 2013

Conducting research presents challenges, but turning the data into understandable information can be its own puzzle.

Cyberspecialist Dan Arthur joined EESI in May to work with faculty and researchers on doing that - finding ways to make their research and data accessible to others. That includes working with the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory project on data management, data presentation and promoting CZO activities.

A recent example is the animated graphic that shows the Penn State Integrated Hydrologic Model. The model is used to predict soil saturation levels in the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone, a federally funded research initiative.

Before joining EESI, Arthur worked at Purdue University as a graduate research assistant in atmospheric science, and before that, he was worldwide support manager for broadcast editing and webcasting products at Pinnacle Systems Inc.

He spent 15 years in video production, support and management for manufacturing of broadcast video editing hardware. Arthur also has experience in software applications and data management.

He has a master's degree in information and communication science from Ball State University and a master's in atmospheric science from Purdue. His atmospheric science research involved simultaneous visualization of radar and aircraft probe data - which are very different in scale - in 3D, as well as using numerical models and field observations to investigate cloud and precipitation processes.

In his current position, Arthur can work with faculty and researchers on projects such as creating educational and promotional videos, database management, generating computerized plots and assisting with creating visual representation of data.