Contacts for the Media

Reporter looking for an expert? Following is a list of faculty in Penn State’s Earth and Environmental Systems Institute who can offer expertise on climate change, hurricanes, the weather and other topics. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact Bernd Haupt (


Antarctic ice sheets and climate change


Astrobiology – life on the planets

  • Christopher House - Professor of Geosciences, Director of PA Space Grant Consortium


Dinosaurs, fossils and minerals

  • Russ Graham - Associate professor and director for exhibits of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences museum




Meteorology – hurricanes, weather events


Paleontology – ancient earth

  • Lee Kump - Professor of Geosciences, Dean of College of EMS


Water quality and Marcellus Shale natural gas





  • Alan Taylor - E. Willard Miller professor of geography