"Slices of Time" and other videos available online

“Slices of Time,” a 13-minute video explaining how the earth’s surface can change in processes that happen in millionths of a second or over the course of millions of years, is available on Penn State’s Earth and Environmental Systems Institute’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

Using a stream affected by acid mine drainage to explain how changes occur in a landscape, the video shows what happens in that stream over time — from water molecules attacking the pyrite at speeds too fast to see with the naked eye to weathering breaking down rocks naturally over thousands of years.

Another video on the EESI YouTube and Facebook pages features the interdisciplinary research being done through the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory project. The Penn State researchers explain the work they’re doing in the Huntingdon County Shale Hills as part of a larger National Science Foundation initiative aimed at understanding the earth’s critical zone.

To watch the videos, go to: EESI's Facebook page or to EESI's YouTube page