Richard Alley Receives the Stephens Schneider Award for Climate Communication


December 6, 2011, Climate One at the Commonwealth Club presented Dr. Richard Alley, esteemed geologist and professor at Pennsylvania State University, the first Stephen Schneider Award for Climate Communication. The event was held in San Francisco, California near where the 2011 American Geophysical Union Conference took place.

Dr. Richard Alley is known for his clever presentation of key climate change issues to the public. He has testified before Congress using his bald head to illustrate ice age cycles, recorded a video on geoscience while playing Johnny Cash, and hosted the PBS documentary “Earth: The Operators Manual.” At the event, Dr. Alley offers fresh insights in climate science, communication, and the politicization of scientific inquiry. Several distinguished scientists and friends of the late Stanford climatologist, Stephen Schneider, were in the audience and Dr. Alley and two other scholars closed the program with a tune.

Climate One programs are broadcast on public radio and local access television. Their live audience has the opportunity to be face to face with leaders in energy efficiency and environmental policies.

More information about Climate One and upcoming programs can be found on their website, and tickets can be purchased for upcoming programs here.

Centre Daily Times publication. (CDT took article offline)