Alley and Arthur Fellows of AAAS

Richard Alley (photo)

October 25, 2007

Dr. Richard Alley is an international authority on the dynamics of ice sheets, their stability in the light of climate change, and the ancient climate record contained within them.

Michael Arthur (photo)

Dr. Michael Arthur is responsible for major innovations in the way we interpret Earth's sedimentary carbon cycle and how it has changed from the Archean to the present.

EESI Associate, Professor Richard Alley has received yet another great honor. Richard has been selected as the 2007 recipient of the Roger Revelle Medal by AGU. The medal recognizes outstanding contributions in atmospheric sciences, atmosphere-ocean coupling, atmosphere-land coupling, biogeochemical cycles, climate, or related aspects of the Earth system, and Richard joins an incredibly prestigious array of former recipients: Kutzbach, Cicerone, Hansen, Broecker, just to name a few. Congratulations Richard!